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Featured Link: Aerial Noise
March 20, 2010, 5:26 pm
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When it comes to distributing music, look no further than Aerial Noise. Perched precariously between profit hungry music labels and disillusioned music fans, Aerial Noise has made a name for itself filtering out the for-profit music that plagues the air waves and threatens to bring individuality to an end. Featuring songs and artist profiles from many different genres, Aerial Noise entertains its visitors with daily song posts and news from the industry, and it’ll give you  access to a community of like-minded music fans. And the best is that you can stream and download tracks straight from the site.

Check it out,  somewhere on Aerial Noise is your next favorite track.


Hello Beautiful People!
March 20, 2010, 3:33 pm
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Your search for quality internet blogs is over!… I scour the internet for the best and funniest so you don’t have to!! And like no one has ever done before.  Check back for regular updates that will

1) knock you out of your chair,

2) make you roll on the floor laughing your ass off (ROFLYAO),

3) make you want to get to your nearest concert hall for a great band you’ve never heard of,

4) or something

Random shit is on the way!!!